Odor Control Wet Scrubbing System Evaluation


  • To determine the operating efficiency of an existing odor control wet scrubbing system
  • To identify operating and design limitations in odor control wet
    scrubbing systems
  • To provide recommendations for improving odor abatement efficiency


  • Determine gas stream volume, temperature, humidity and contaminant speciation using the appropriate analytical methodology
  • Evaluate tower hydraulics, mass transfer zone design, liquid and gas mass loading, packing design
  • Examine reagent feed, monitoring and control system
  • Test scrubbant solution as supplied to MTZ and in solution purge
  • Perform computer modeled atmospheric dispersion analysis of
    discharge stack
  • Evaluate odor capture and containment system


  • Provide a written report identifying the tower operating efficiency on all pertinent chemical constituents
  • Provide specific identification of system operating limitations, complete with recommendations for improvement
  • Quantify specific odorous chemicals and approximate their relative
    contribution to odorous emissions and to perceived odors at
    receptor sites