Particulate Wet Scrubbing Evaluation


  • To determine the operating efficiency of an existing particulate wet
    scrubbing system
  • To identify system operating and design limitations
  • To provide recommendations for improving all aspects of system operation


  • Measure all pertinent gas stream physical parameters including volume, temperature, pressure, relative humidity, gas density, particulate loading and size distribution
  • Perform gas stream compositional analysis, identify gaseous contaminants that may be required to be removed, or may impact on system operation and construction
  • Perform equipment design analysis to confirm suitability to gas stream and particulate loading conditions
  • Examine collection duct system in terms of capture, containment and conveyance
  • Evaluate fan system for possible operating problems as they impact on wet scrubber operation, including characteristic curve / system curve intersection, maintenance of design volumes and scrubber differential pressures, system variances etc.


  • Provide a written report identifying all relevant inlet gas stream parameters
  • Provide an efficiency statement complete with discharge loading as it relates to system Air Emissions Permitting
  • Identify specific areas for improvement in removal efficiency, and to
    reduce maintenance and operational problems