Dust Collection System Evaluation


  • To determine the operating efficiency of all aspects of a dust
    collection system
  • To identify capture containment, conveyance and filtration limitations
  • To make specific recommendations for improvement in the operation and maintenance of the system


  • Determine exhaust stream total volume and duct static pressures
  • Measure duct velocities in all locations to ensure conveyance velocity maintenance
  • Measure enclosure / capture hood in-draft velocities and evaluate for dust containment / control
  • Evaluate filter unit design and application, check filter reconditioning system operation
  • Inspect material discharge device
  • Evaluate exhaust fan characteristic curve / system curve intersection point


  • Provide a written report outlining system operational status, identifying design and operating deficiencies
  • Provide a schematic duct diagram illustrating exhaust volumes,
    velocities and static pressures in all parts of the system
  • Provide specific recommendations for improvement