Packed Column Wet Scrubber:

2-stage system with primary acid mist eliminator followed by counterflow packed column H2S scrubbing unit. System uses proprietary amine reagent and is complete with automated make-up for chemical and water make-up as well as modulating solution purge.

Wet Scrubber Modification:

Mist and product carryover problem solved by correcting design deficiencies in existing wet scrubbers. ACC provided field evaluation and characterization of problem, designed, fabricated and installed all retrofits to 5 scrubbers including access platforms and ladders.

Venturi Wet Scrubber:

High efficiency design complete with disengagement chamber and mist elimination section installed at pulp mill.

3-Stage Impingement Scrubber:

Composite mesh pad scrubber used to remove chromic acid from vapors captured from an industrial electroplating operation. Meets USEPA emissions guidelines for hexavalent chrome.