Air Purification System Evaluation


  • To determine the corrosive potential of an instrumentation,
    electrical or control room
  • To quantify corrosive potential in accordance with ISA air quality guidelines
  • To evaluate the operation of an existing controlled environment in terms of corrosive potential


  • Perform an in depth analysis of existing gas scrubbing, HVAC
    and humidification equipment
  • Measure system air volumes, temperatures, relative humidity
    and space pressurization
  • Determine corrosive contaminant species and estimated severity by investigative and analytical means
  • Perform corrosion coupon testing using copper and silver strip
    cathodic reduction analysis
  • Determine purification media life remaining and confirm suitability to application


  • Provide a written report summarizing air quality issues and
    quantifying environment in terms of ISA guidelines
  • Provide specific recommendations for equipment modifications
    and upgrades to ensure an ISA G-1 environment